Accounting Support Service

Service goals:

Accounting is often neglected by entrepreneurs who have little time to spare. It is however an essential element for success and an important tool in the decision making process.

The accounting support service allows you to improve or implement an adequate accounting system (Simply Accounting),considering generally accepted accounting principles, and improving businesses ability in weekly (payroll, invoices, accounts payable, etc.), monthly (reports, taxes, etc.) and yearly business tasks (balance sheet, financial statements, etc.). At the end of the training, the entrepreneur will have a better understand of the Simply Accounting software and the reports it can provide.

It should be noted that this service does not replace any professional services and is offered once per company depending on its needs.

Note:  it does not directly address taxation issues.


AndréRNadeauAn analysis will be conducted by the Service Coordinator, Mr. André R. Nadeau, CPA, CMA.

Terms and Conditions

The service requires a small fee. It includes a visit of the Coordinator to analyze the business needs with a maximum of three visits.

The purchase, if any, of Simply Accounting Pro. If the company already has an accounting software, this purchase is not necessary.

The preparation of documents necessary to create the accounting system (the new business will need a corporate charter, and the company in operations will need its last financial statements prepared by an accountant).

The entrepreneur must be available for all Coordinator visits.

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