Clinics with Experts

The Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre, in collaboration with the « Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation » (MESI) of Quebec and Emploi-Québec, organize « Expert Clinics » for members of its network. These clinics typically include a trio of three hour sessions on a specific business topic. They are offered by a professional expert and focus on participants specific business and the answers to their questions.

These clinics, offered in small groups (4 to 7 entrepreneurs), are very practical and participants will find suggestions and solutions to their current needs.

A small fee is asked to cover part of the expert expenses

The « Calendrier Formation Hiver-printemps 2019″(to be confirmed).

Topics include:

Marketing 2.0: Marketing through technology. (MESI)

Organizational Development: Self-management, managing your team, managing operations and daily tasks (level 1 is a mandatory for participating in levels 2 and 3). (Emploi-Québec)

Sales Development: Client satisfaction, achieving sales goals, understanding marketing tools, developing the capacity to increase sales, identifying profitable clients, optimizing the cost of products and services (level 1 is a prerequisite for levels 2 and 3). (MESI)

Web Strategy: Web investments are closely related to the company’s goals and business vision. Know and understand where you’re going with the Web, define your goals and measure the results. (MESI)

Innovation and Products/Services Development:

5 Stars Clientele Service: For front line worker, in person, on the phone or both! (Emploi-Québec)

How to prepare to sell more in the US.

Recruitment: Recruiting and keeping great employees.

Online boutique: A three part workshop to assess your interest to create an online boutique for your business. A sound look at online strategy and the principal tools available to create an online boutique while respecting your priorities and your budget.

Finance: From theory to practice, to be proactive and autonomous with financial data interpretation. Financial statements: what they mean, how to interpret them and how understanding them is mandatory to your business survival.

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Please note that these clinics are being held in French.