Student Projects

The Student Entrepreneurship Projects are EXCLUSIVE to the members of the Entrepreneurs Support Network!

Students enrolled in entrepreneurship courses at Bishop’s University have the opportunity to complete a feasibility study and market research  for members of the entrepreneur Network.

Under the supervision of a professor the students work in teams on selected projects.  For students, these projects allows them the chance to apply their knowledge and get hands-on experience in a small business environment.  For entrepreneurs, they have the possibility to get important information concerning:  new products or services, competition, markets.

The entrepreneur  wanting to take advantage of this service must make time for students to help them understand the business and successfully complete their mandate. The students and entrepreneurs are teamed up for a period of 4 months and at the end of the semester, the students do a live presentation was well as providing a printed copy of the report to the entrepreneur.

Please note that this service does not replace the work done by professionals. It is understood that the small business owners do not have the necessary financial resources to pay for such professional  services. On the other hand, the work completed by the students will contribute to the success of the young businesses which could lead  to business for professional consultants.

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