About Us

Words from the co-founder:

Mr. Louis Lagassé (Groupe Lagassé) and Mr. John W. Dobson (The John Dobson Foundation) co-founded in 1998 the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre. This Centre, located on the campus of Bishop's University, was created according to a vision, i.e. integrating both French and English cultures to improve local development.

The Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre, a non-profit organization and a private sector initiative, is affiliated to the Williams School of Business of Bishop’s University, which teaches entrepreneurship.

The Center also provides to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) managers within the Eastern Townships a wide range of consultation services in business in order to provide support and increase knowledge:

The Centre defines itself as a major point of reference and a unique exchange forum that has the ability to transfer academic knowledge and use resources to the benefit of the business community in the Eastern Townships.

If you manage a business, check out our services offered to entrepreneurs.

If you want to support a new entrepreneur, consider becoming a mentor.

If you are are studying, you could benefit from activities for students interested in entrepreneurship.